Tiffany born in the USA, studied arts in Luxembourg, and spent most of her adolescence in Luxembourg. She then became a freelance artist in 2011 after travelling around the world and a 4 year stay in New York.
After launching her website, she has been participating in many expositions, commission work, collaborations, mostly focusing on mixed media and contemporary art (paintings and installations) photography, and videography. 

What inspires her work actually happened growing up as a child in the middle of the woods of the Poconos, PA. The fascination towards nature and animals started to blossom and became the main focus of her work.

Like in her photography she believes art can captures small moments of everyday life and preserve those moments. 

However, while travelling and living in big cities she felt disconnected and the urge to express/reconnect and preserve those moments became even stronger.

From there also stems her fascination towards abandoned places in which you can observe first hand how nature and animal life take the upper-hand.